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A meeting is scheduled in Kuwait for OPEC members and rival oil producing countries to review current progress and decide whether to extend the agreement.


The Commission pointed out that Iraqi Hadeetha Dam will prevent the drowning other areas inside the country, as reported by its chairman Shrouq al-Abayachi.


"The biggest impact (from Opec cuts) was that EFS (Exchange of Futures for Swaps) narrowed,"


Thanks to the application of cutting-edge production and transportation technologies


Minister Lihaibi is currently on an official visit to Jordan to attend the Iraqi-Jordanian Higher Commission.

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Siraj Naybur to showcase growth of their Iraqi business at ADIPEC 2015

'Established in Iraq in 2012, wholly managed and staffed by Iraqi's'

We have been working with some of our key customers to improve the service by using the latest software and technology, taking business intelligence in Iraq onto the next level.Mason Johnson, Rebuilding Iraq Project Information Manager