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DNO is expected to assume operatorship of the licence with a 40% paying interest, which translates to 32% net interest


Majid Jafar, managing director of the board of UAE-based Dana Gas, told Reuters the consortium would more than double its output levels from the fields as part of the settlement.


Mr. Edison shown the readiness of his company to restart the work in the fields of Qayara & Najma, and work on to achieve the demanded targets.


Gazprom Neft’s advanced gas production complex will help to increase electricity production in Iraq, ensuring the supply of stable power to various provinces in the country.


Abadi added several agreements were signed with the Czech Republic in the fields of weapons, military equipment and other military sections.

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Siraj Naybur to showcase growth of their Iraqi business at ADIPEC 2015

'Established in Iraq in 2012, wholly managed and staffed by Iraqi's'

We have been working with some of our key customers to improve the service by using the latest software and technology, taking business intelligence in Iraq onto the next level.Mason Johnson, Rebuilding Iraq Project Information Manager